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A Bit of Background

I first met  a labradoodle in Salado, TX during a vacation.  After a couple of seconds of direct and constant eye contact, I realized that that cuddly thing staring back at me was alive - and pretty much so!   He immediately got up, wiggled his tail and walked with me like if we were long time friends.   It was then that I researched the breed and read about their friendliness, which I had just witnessed.   I have always had a passion for dogs, and after much reading and planning, decided to professionally breed this wonderful breed.

History of the Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle

Sociable, smart, affectionate, and allergy friendly are used to describe this wonderful breed.  Originally, it was a cross between a pure bred labrador and a poodle, first developed in Australia in the 1970s.  The beauty and excellent characteristics made it a sought breed, which was later fine tunned by combining labrador retriever, poodle and cocker spaniel .

Why Multigenerational?  Many can cross a labrador and a poddle- this produces a first generation labradoodle, an F1. These puppies and their future offsprings have no consistent nor predictable characteristics.   A multigenerational, just like the name implies, have been crossed many times among these exclusive blood lines (pure Labrador, poodle and Cocker spniel).   Why Australian?   Because the original blood lines of these three breeds are traced back to Australia.    

Today, the Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle is an asset to our canine diversity:  excellent family pets, as well as genuine service dogs.  This breed, when supervised by a national and worldwide association, assures that the breed maintains its integrity, and improves it following ethical, healthy and best practices in breeding.  

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