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Classic City Saldana “Xochie”


Color: Parti - white and chocolate

Coat: Wavy

Size: Medium 30 lbs

DOB:  6/25/2019

Hips: PennHip 0.4/0.5

OFA elbows: Negative

EIC:  Clear (WT/WT)

PRA: Clear

Color gene: E/e


                    m/m Non Merle


ALAA # 081830

Xochie comes from Classic City Labradoodles in Georgia - she is playful and loves to snuggle.  She is my first breeder dog.   She has had wonderful healthy puppies.   Hoping to see her new litter Fall of 2023.  


QuiSal Xiomara

Color: Cafe
Coat: Wavy
Size:  medium 35 lbs
DOB:  11/21/2021
PennHip:  0.5/0.6
Color Gene:E/e, b/b,  m/m, S/sp, Cu/Cuc
WALA 074116
ALAA - 109828
She is our very own QuiSal Xiomara - the first generation of  MAL puppies born here in our ranch.  She has perfect wavy-curly coat.   She is very smart - loves to play at the ranch with her sibilings, but also loves to sit by you to snug in the sofa.

xiomara by the pool 1_edited_edited.jpg

QuiSal Xoe

Color:  Cream/caramel

Coat: Wavy/fleece

Size: medium 30 lbs

DOB: 11/21/2021

Hip OFA:  Good 

Elbow OFA: Negative 

EIC: non carrier

Color gene: e/e, B/b, m/m, S/sp


ALAA : 109826

WALA : 0741117

Xoe is actually our first puppy born at QuiSal Ranch.   She is a sweet bundle of joy,  She is calm, but loves to play with her sister Xiomara.  

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